the other side of tryouts

So the Outfit's advanced tryouts were Monday (don't worry if you missed it you can always come join us in November!). I volunteered to help grade the incoming (semi?) fresh meat. The entire time i was having flashbacks to last year when I went. As I stated in my previous post, I had only received a 24% and was asked to come back in November for the rolling recruitment where the Outfit would teach me the skills needed. I remember going back to the rink a week later and seeing Yvonna Gobetch and saying, "Oh great! you made it too! I'm glad I'll know somebody." Lol i had to break the news to her with a "hell no, I didn't, i'm just here practicing for the next tryouts." Anyways....getting back to THIS year's tryouts, being on the other side was a great experience. It showed me how far I've come, although i was teased when partnered up with number 9 who was the odd one out. I was so nervous skating with her, worried she wouldn't pass because of something i did, or worse I would UNpass minimum skills. I haven't been told anything yet... :D I was super impressed with the skaters that came to tryouts, had i been trying out with these girls last year i would have been far more intimidated and prolly would have left midway instead of sticking out. I'm really excited to see who the Outfit will be welcoming to the family.

~Loka In Motion