June Pride Month: Chicago Outfit's favorite time of year.

The women of the Chicago Outfit have been BUSY! June has been a huge month for us, and it’s not over yet!  In the past few weeks, the Syndicate and Shade Brigade painted their faces and travelled to Nebraska to play the Omaha Rollergirls and the No Coast Derby Girls from Lincoln.  Earlier this month, some of our rookie gals (including myself) skated at the video-game themed Stateline Roller Derby Divas Mixer in Beloit Wisconsin.  Last weekend we spent some time in Nashville, skating in a hard-hitting, “magical” double header against the Music City Roller Girls. (Watch the Syndicate take on the Music City All Stars on DNN!)

We’ve been super busy off skates as well!  As most of our fans know, the Chicago Outfit is not only a killer sports league, but we are also a charitable organization. We donate lots of time and dollars to events and causes that benefit women and the LGBT community.

Earlier this month, some of our gals skated in Slutwalk Chicago, a march intended to dispel myths about “the slut” and promote education about the culture of victim blaming around sexual assault and rape.  Among other fantastic groups and individuals, our favorite Chicago Lesbian blog, The L Stop was in attendance documenting the event.  They posted photos of some of our skaters, calling the Chicago Outfit "super active and ready for change."

Queerer Park, a monthly LGBT dance party organized and DJ’ed by one of our very own skaters, Barbara Butch, teamed up with The Chicago Outfit at Beauty Bar for “Dddderby Dance Party!”  The Outfit ladies danced all night long, and the money raised at the party was donated to our league and to the Illinois Clemency Project for Battered Women.

Our biggest, funnest, gayest and awesomest event of the month is this weekend: Chicago Pride Fest! Our ladies are giddy with excitement!  We’ll be kicking off the weekend with another awesome dance party at Berlin, Thursday at 10pm. (RSVP here)  This is a great chance to meet our skaters and check out our awesome dance moves.

On Sunday, our league, and our favorite junior derby league, the Chicago Riots, will be skating in the Pride Parade! We will be dressed up in rainbows, sparkles, unicorns and smiles, and we have all sorts of fun giveaways for our fans! The streets of Chicago will be wild with energy and girls kissing girls—you really can’t miss it!   When you see us rollin’ down Halsted, you’ll go totally gay for Roller Derby.

Love and Rainbows,

Agony Andy

Does all this sound like something you should be a part of? Join the family! We are holding advanced tryouts next Monday, June 27! (More information here) or contact outfitrecruitment@gmail.com