Young and In Love

Saturday was my 20th birthday. My first thought was F**K YEA BLUE MAN GROUP!! But right after that my thought was okay, just one more year til I’m finally 21. My mom always says, “don’t wish your life away,” but that was hard not to do when I joined roller derby in November of last year. The Chicago Outfit is a 18+ league, most leagues are 21+. I am by no means complaining but sometimes I still think it’s a 21+ league when I’m at home reading facebook statuses about awesome Outfit dance parties. But it’s not the epic dance parties, or rock shows, or spaghetti wrestling (which they are all awesome and you should go cuz i can't) that i miss out on that gets me down, it’s the fact that I don’t really get to contribute to the team as much as I like. And in turn it’s like a bajillion times harder for me to earn offskates (huge exaggeration but it is harder).

Offskate hours- The hours earned for doing work for the league outside of practice.

Each month every skater is required to do a set amount of hours to even be qualified for the roster. We don't have special workers to do our marketing, find us sponsor, pay for travel and coordinate our bouts. We do it all ourselves.

Anyways in the first month I was expected to start doing offskates I was nowhere near the six hours required and I’m pretty sure it was the same for the next month. I remember this one night where I signed up to go to the showing of a derby documentary, hosted by WCR (windy city rollers) at Lincoln Hall. I knew it was near DePaul University so I figured it was some random hall on campus…it was not. After a 30min car ride + an hour bus ride+10min walk in the snow I approached a door that said WE CARD HARD and that = one sad little Loka. I must have looked so awful and sad and pathetic  cuz the guy at the door let me in saying as long as I don’t drink I’m fine.

Since then I’ve just stayed away from all 21+ events…..well almost. But if you did see me in a bar, in the back of my mind I was thinking “I don’t belong here quite yet”’ and for a while I thought “maybe I don’t belong on this team yet.”  

After the season started getting busier and I finally started getting hours, I realized I was still questioning whether I belonged and I realized why. It’s not just the offskates hours I was missing out on but it was also getting to know the lovely ladies of the outfit. Every practice I went to it felt like everyone was just becoming closer and closer while I showed up to practice clueless of what went on over the weekend.

But my woe is me attitude changed. Rogue (who is the sweetest derby girl on the team) hosted a a bearings cleaning party (which was awesome cuz I had no Idea that I had to clean them). I got to know some of my teammates better. After that it was easier for me to talk to other people on the team. And now I feel like I’m part of the family.

As for my lack of age, well for now I’ll focus on skating in a bout, instead of wrestling in a pool of spaghetti ;)

~lil loka in motion