how loka got into motion

The only time i've ever blogged is when i was back in high school and i was bitching about what i thought was the end of the world. Anyways I'd like to start off with how i got into derby before i go on about my emotional and physical transitions. It may or may not have had something to do with whip it....but mostly it was the movie the warriors. I always wanted to be in a gang and kick ass old school without actually busting out a shank or gat. I saw the outfit in June of 2010 and instantly fell in love. I knew i had to try out. It didn't matter that my only experience was junior high skate parties and i spent the majority of it on my ass or over the rail... Anyways i got myself a pair of cheap rollerskates and started skating around my boyfriend's neighborhood (mine is too ghetto). Day by day i started sucking less. Come august when they held the advanced tryouts....I most definitely did not make the team. In fact i received an email from Smashley stating i received a 24% (bright side, i was the only girl my size who stuck through the whole tryout) and she then gave me a long ass list of things i needed to improve on. So i worked on them. I saved up money and bought my vandals. I came back for rolling recruitment I became an official member after one month and then passed minimum skills (after several attempts at mastering cuts). 

I just noticed i skipped a major part of that little i got my name. Well...I wanted to be Bettie Pain like Bettie Page. But then i thought Bettie Rage sounds way better. It was most definitely taken. Then i wanted to be Black Dahlia...also taken. So i kept thinking about all these other people i idolized and came up with embarrassingly awful names like Doris D-day. yea...that bad. So i gave up thinking on it for a bit and heard a Shakira song called Loca. I don't really listen to her but i thought it was catchy. Then i noticed how several people said i was crazy for even attempting derby cuz i'm like tipping the scales at 110lb and am barely allowed on a roller coaster...let alone a bar. I have no clue where the rest of the name came from. I just thought hmmm motion sounds good with it. The "IN" makes it clever.  As for the k in Loka, well everything is just kooler with a k.

And the rest was history.

Stay segment will feature graphic details of the severe asswhoopings i have received. but each week i get less and less bruised :)

~Loka In Motion