Bout Day Rituals

Photo by Steve Jurkovic.

Photo by Steve Jurkovic.

Our first home bout of the season is coming up this Saturday! Today on the blog, Shade blocker Mugs Bunny shares their rituals for the big day:

Bout Day will be here before you know it! Everyone has their own special ritual that they like to do the night before and/or day of. I am going to share how I prepare myself for Bout Day.

My ritual always starts the night before. First and most important is to hydrate! I keep a big thing of water at my side like it’s my baby. It is never too early to start hydrating yourself! I then make sure that I create a checklist on my phone of everything I need to bring with me, so I can easily gather everything in the morning without forgetting anything. Here’s what it usually looks like:

  • Jersey, black bottoms, black socks, bandana

  • Outfit jacket

  • Gear bag, all gear, cool towel

  • Skates

  • Skate tools

  • Other wheels

  • Water Jug, Gatorade

  • Snacks

  • Extra change of clothes

  • Face wipes, deodorant, body spray

  • Bout Buddy gift

  • Phone charger/other personal items

Hey, you can never be too prepared!

My morning starts off with a good breakfast. I typically make a big bowl of oatmeal with almonds, flax seed, honey and a little bit of cinnamon with a side of fruit and a nice hot cup of black coffee. Then I take my shower and make sure I’m all changed into my uniform all while jamming out to some pump up tunes. After that, I go to my checklist and grab everything on it and gather it in one spot so it’s ready to go. At this point i’m usually freaking out with pre-bout jitters so until the time I have to leave, I usually just end up playing a video game and eating a snack. When it’s time to go, I grab all my things, load ‘em into the car and then I’m on my way! The drive there is always spent blasting music and visualizing what I’m going to do on track in the game. I honestly cannot wait until the first bout of this season! I’m getting excited just writing about it!

Mugs Bunny #00

Come check us out at our new venue for our home bout this Saturday! All information, including tickets, can be found here.