Introducing Dolly Party On

Photo by Bellisomo Photography.

Photo by Bellisomo Photography.

Dolly Party On, while not new to derby, is new to the Outfit. She transferred over from another league in the area last fall and is a fantastic addition to our league. Below is a little bit about why she joined derby:

I have wanted to play roller derby since I was a teenager. I remember seeing a documentary about it and thinking that was totally the type of woman I wanted to be when I grew up.  All of the women just seemed so sure of themselves, and totally badass on skates. I had no idea about junior derby otherwise I think I would have been playing way sooner.

It wasn't until after having kids that I realized how badly I needed an outlet and to spend some time with adults! I went to my very first boot camp with the Illiana Derby Dames, November of 2016. My youngest wasn't even a year old!  I have NEVER felt more out of shape in my life. Those first few weeks of boot camp are a blur of sore muscles and bruised tailbones. But no matter how hard it was, I was totally hooked!!

I played for my previous team, Illiana Derby Dames, for 2 seasons. At the end of our last season I felt really intrigued to check out the Outfit. I joined after talking with a former team mate who had also transferred. I really wanted to transfer to a more competitive team and grow as a skater.

I feel like in these first few months I have already learned so many new things.  I'm so excited for this season with The Outfit, I can't wait to kick ass with my new family!


Dolly Party On #925