The Origin of Mugs Bunny

Photo by  9 Muses .

Photo by 9 Muses.

One of the biggest parts of roller derby is picking out a bad-ass name to be called by on the track. Your derby name is like your alter ego, you can’t just choose any old thing and make it your name, the name chooses you.

It actually took me a good month or so after joining derby to find my name. I really wanted to use a character or an artist that meant alot to me in some sort of way so it took a lot of thought. I remember sitting through math class instead of doing my work, jotting down all these name ideas, trying to find the name and just getting upset because nothing stuck. Miley Vyrus came to mind, because I had short blond hair kind of like Miley’s, but it just didn’t feel right. Then I thought Slim Skatey? (Eminem was a big part of my childhood and still is) but nah.. too cheesy. Hmm, what about Bugs Bunny? What could I do with that? I grew up watching Looney Tunes and all the old cartoons with my Grandpa as a little one, and I was especially big on the Baby Looney Tunes, it was even my room theme when I was a baby! So I started playing around with it. Tugs Bunny? Nah. Nugs Bunny? Haha nope. Then I thought, what about Mugs Bunny? I instantly knew it was the one. I’m a total jokester and I always have a mean mug on my face. It was perfect, I had found my name! It totally stuck too, everyone liked it and got a kick out of it. My skills eventually grew more into the name too, I would say im very hoppy and jukey on my skates like a bunny!

So that is the origin of my name, Mugs Bunny. Having derby names is super fun, and I very much love being called Mugs.

Mugs Bunny #00