Outfit's 2019 Goals


A new year signifies a fresh start for a lot of us. We reflect back on the past and start setting resolutions for the upcoming year. The Outfit has been busy setting some goals for this upcoming season: 

“My goals for this season are to not only challenge my league mates into being the best derby skaters they can be, but also expand my personal toolbox, not only with blocking but jamming too. I want to strengthen my body and mind to become a more well rounded skater and a better leader. I want to be a positive role model for both our brand new and returning Outfit Family. I'm looking forward to a season of many challenges followed by many successes with Outfit.”

- Eve ILL #77

“My goals are 1) to be a threat the whole time I’m on the track, 2) stay fit and healthy all season, 3) show my teammates and officials how much I appreciate them.”

- Braise Seitan #269

“Goals are to get rostered and play an actual game (or two), and to cut down on my self-punishing talk.”

- Commander Shephurt #23

“So many goals. I want to keep working on my blocking style, continue going to speed every week even if it is just an hour, get back on track with healthy living, manage derby and life better, learn more strategy, and grow as a coach.”

- Satanik Hispanik #999

“My biggest goal for this season is to stop being my own worst enemy! I judge myself very harshly and it effects my skating, I am hoping to work past that and be confident in myself...even if I have a shitty jam.”

- Dolly Party On

“I have a few key goals for my first year;
1. Improve my technical footwork and learn good skating techniques
2. Explore various skating styles (jam skating, speed, etc)
3. Get to know my team mates more so I can support them in derby and life
4. Get scrimmage cleared so the games can begin! “

- Villain L

“Get cleared for scrim & a rock solid understanding of the rules. Be a positive source of support for others. Continue going to speed skating regularly. Continue working out regularly outside of derby. Eat some more vegetables. Learn new skills with a mindset of confidence instead of fear.”

- The Loraxe

“I want to continue my off-skate routine- hitting the gym once or twice a week in addition to averaging 3 practices a week. I want to get more juke-y and jumpy this season and to learn and implement more strategy so I’m jamming smarter. I also really need to make myself try blocking every now and then so I’m not completely useless when I pass the star.“

- Lana Del Rage

“I want to continue to work on my FIRE jamming. Another big goal is to take care of my body and mental health and listen to it. I will rest when needed and nourish my soul with some Taco Bell after the tough practices :) “

- Bettie Slay #718