How Pinkie Die Found The Outfit


I have never been athletic, not even close. I played sports as a kid, and still do from time to time, but only for fun. Purely recreational. There is not an athletic bone in my body... not yet.

I had heard of roller derby ( I've even been asked to join a team a few times) but I had no idea what it was. No one followed up and I had no idea where to start. Finally, a few years ago, a friend said, “We are doing this.” She took me to the Volusia County Fairgrounds where I met and apparently joined a local team. I could barely skate. No lie, I sucked. I sucked at sucking! I was so bad. But I liked it. Few months later, I could do things and almost do other things! Then I moved.

I planned on joining a team as soon as possible, but Chicago teams were intimidating. I am a slow learner, struggle a lot sports wise, and these teams are REALLY GOOD. Fast forward three years, a friend from work invited me to The Chicago Outfit Roller Derby tryouts. I had not skated in three years, but decided to go. I thought it would be similar to the “tryouts” for the small team in Florida- show up, learn some of the basics, and "Yay!" everyone is on the team. OH MY GOSH WAS I WRONG. Remember how I said Chicago teams are really good? Being such, they have legitimate tryouts. I walked in and was told to gear up. The next couple hours we were asked to perform various skills (i.e. stopping, weaving, jumping, basic stuff). I was not the best, but I tried. The officials, the board, higher ups and such must have noticed. A few days or so later, I find out I somehow made the cut! WHAT?!?!?

Since that moment and now, I immediately felt welcomed. Given my non-athletic background and that I have not been able to make it to nearly as many practices as I would have liked to and as they encourage, Outfit has never turned their back on me. Outfit has never made me feel out of place. I am an extremely confident person, except when it comes to sports. My last team never truly made me feel wanted. That team never made me feel fully accepted.

Outfit is entirely different. Outfit is not just a team. The Outfit is FAMILY.

#1929 Pinkie Die