Sponsor Spotlight: 9 Muses Photo

Photo by  9 Muses Photo . 

Photo by 9 Muses Photo

We have some wonderful sponsors that support the Outfit. And we would love for you to get to know these awesome sponsors so today we are starting a new series! Sponsor Spotlight is our interview with a sponsor so you can get to know the people behind the brand! Today we are talking with Dennis Sevilla of 9 Muses Photo, who takes our headshots and runs the awesome photo booth at our home bouts. 

Ruckus Homunculus: How did you hear about Chicago Outfit Roller Derby?

Dennis Sevilla:  A friend of mine told me to check out the Outfit. Prior to that, I didn't know that roller derby was still around or what flat track was. I reached out to them via Facebook and asked if I can help out. Now I'm on my 6th season. 

RH: Have you ever seen a roller derby game/bout before being a sponsor for us?

DS:  I'm sure a lot of (older) people will tell you about the roller derby they saw on tv back in the 80's with the theatrics and wild costumes. 

I really didn't know what i signed up for until I went to the first home bout. If I were to describe it in one word it would be LOUD. The crowd gets into it. The bouts are intense, these ladies don't mess around! I can only imagine how much work the skaters put in to be out there on the track.

RH: Please tell us a little about your organization and a bit about what you do.

DS:  I do photography and mostly align myself with non-profit organizations like the Outfit. I run the photo booth during their home bouts and do their headshots before the season starts. 

RH:  Would you ever consider playing derby?

DS:  Ha! That's a hard pass. I'll leave roller derby to the pros.

Come visit Dennis at the photo booth at our next home bout on July 7! 

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