Sponsor Spotlight: Wright to the Point Acupuncture


We have some wonderful sponsors that support the Outfit. And we would love for you to get to know these awesome sponsors so today we are starting a new series! Sponsor Spotlight is our interview with a sponsor so you can get to know the people behind the brand! Today we are talking with Phranque Wright, who is our team acupuncturist. 

Ruckus Homunculus: How did you hear about Chicago Outfit Roller Derby?

Phranque Wright:  I was teaching classes at a Chinese medical school in Chicago and one of the classes was teaching Oriental Medical Theory to the students in the Massage Program.  During one semester, I had a class of pretty typically un-interested males who were mostly trying to prove how much they already knew because of history in martial arts.  Luckily, for my sanity as a teacher, I also had a student named "Jasmine" who was incredibly interested in learning how the medicine can treat people. 

On the last day of class, she handed me a Outfit schedule card and said, "you should come to a roller derby bout".  I said, "ok, do they need an acupuncturist for the team?" She said, "I don't know, I'll ask, we're having a league meeting tonight."  The league voted yes.  I met them during the same week and fell in love with The Chicago Outfit the day I met them.  

I also learned that Jasmine's name was really Lola Blow.  Now, she is a massage therapist and has started a line of products to help relieve pain and bruising.  She really is an inspiration in many ways of life.

RH: Have you ever seen a roller derby game/bout before being a sponsor for us?

PW:  Other than the standard "I used to watch it on tv..." lame answer, I have to say no.  I wasn't aware of the modern roller derby life before Lola introduced me to the team. My father, however, likes to brag to me about how he used to watch the original derby play at the Colosseum in Chicago - he can even still name all the players he watched.  

I do have to say, though, that the first time I saw the league was at a league meeting where I introduced myself and what I would offer the team; when I saw how the league ran itself, ran the meetings, did their own advertising and fundraising and EVERYTHING, I was spontaneously humbled and in awe.  At the time, I was working on a board of directors for a national acupuncture organization and the Chicago Outfit was more professional, more organized and more dedicated than anyone I had seen before.  I knew I wanted to be a part of this - whatever this was.  

Then, when I went to my first home bout and saw that the skaters also sold the tickets and beer and set up and took down the chairs, floor, cleaning the whole place, I thought to myself, "This isn't right, they need more volunteers, they shouldn't have to compete AND do all this work" - so I continue to stay and do tear down at home bouts.  I even invented the '3-person squat-lift floor board technique" though I'm sure someone else by now has taken credit.  

I also added another job for myself at the practices, when I saw that breaks were less than a minute but water ran out quickly.  I decided it was my duty to make sure the skaters' water bottles stayed full during practice so they could get proper water break instead of wasting time trying to fill the water and get back on the track.  Some call me  "the magic water fairy", some don't know it's me. Either way, I'm happy to do it.

RH: Please tell us a little about your organization and a bit about what you do.

PW:  My organization is Wright To The Point Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine.  I'm a Doctor of Chinese medicine and a Licensed Acupuncturist (licensed in IL, IN, WI, CO).  Some would call my profession "Alternative Medicine" but it's actually "Complimentary Medicine" or "Preventative Medicine" when compared to what we call Western Medicine or Allopathic medicine.

What do I do? Basically, I help treat people with a variety of medical issues that range from basic aches and pains, to cold/flu, emotional disturbances, menstrual issues, sleep problems, digestive problems, etc.  I could list the reasons to come see me, but my standard answer is "anything you'd go to the doctor to treat I can help with" (minus cancer, child-birth, HIV/AIDS or other infectious diseases and bone breaks, etc).  For those, come see me in addition to western medicine to aid in their treatments or to help you recover more quickly or to off-set any complications that can come from their medications or treatment strategies.  I also offer some exercise options, dietary information, stretching techniques, life advice and sometimes will read tarot for a patient if I've known them a while and they want it. 

My tools include acupuncture needles, moxibustion, cupping, scraping, herbal remedies, dietary suggestions, lifestyle advice, Chinese massage techniques, electric stimulation if needed and other things.  This year, I've been in practice for 20 years. 

RH:  Would you ever consider playing derby?

PW:  Maybe at a different time in my life, but probably not even then. I love working for the league and helping the skaters stay on the track with minimal pain and reduced odds of serious injury, but I don't know if I'd be able to skate competitively. I do like the fact that it is a predominantly female sport - there are too many male dominated sports out there and even when I've seen men play roller derby, it isn't the same as with the female skaters (the men just aren't as good at it). So, derby, to me, is something I'm lucky to watch and be a part of on the sidelines, and that's good enough for me. Let those better  and more dedicated than me be out there. 

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