What's In My (Derby) Bag: Ice Hurt

All photos by Ice Hurt. 

All photos by Ice Hurt. 

Welcome to another edition of What's In My (Derby) Bag! I don't know about you, but I'm always interested in what people carry around with them. Looking in someone's bag is kind of like getting a peek into who they are as a person.

Today's guest is Syndicate jammer Ice Hurt. Ice is a minimalist who keeps all the essentials in her bag. 

What do you use most?

IH: Definitely my gear, but I also go through a lot of hair ties.

What's the strangest thing in your bag?

IH: Theres really nothing weird in my bag. I'm a minimalist. When I pulled everything out I found a pair of dirty socks in the side pocket.

Name something in your bag that's not derby-related?

IH: I keep a pair of scissors in there because I needed some and no one had any. I got mad and bought a pair. Comes in handy for making crop tops last minute! I also have a small piece of purple paper with 1 fear I have and how I could conquer that fear written on the back. I kept this from a visualization exercise led by Lola Blow back in 2015. It was a great season and it reminds me how I've grown.

What's been in there the longest?

IH: I have a pair of jam plugs in there I have never used. I bought them back in like 2012 from another skater friend of mine!

What's the weirdest thing that's ever been in there?

IH: I tried to use one of those pine tree car air fresheners to make it smell less bad. Didn't work.

What's one thing in your bag that you can NOT live without?

IH: I use foam medical tape to wrap sore toes and blisters and I always keep a roll in my bag. I also always keep Band-Aid blister bandages. They are expensive but they work the best!

Bag Inventory (in addition to skates and protective equipment):

"First Aid Baggie": 

  • 5 hair ties
  • 2 tampons
  • 19 band-aids
  • foam medical tape
  • bottle of ibuprofen
  • 2 moleskin strips
  • an extra WFTDA patch

"Spare Parts Baggie":

  • extra pair of toe stops
  • jam plugs
  • 3 spare pivot cups
  • 5 extra shoelaces
  • pair of scissors
  • small rag
  • bottle of gear spray


  • extra set of wheels
  • skate tool
  • extra pair of EZ-fits
  • arm bands
  • extra mouth guard
  • 2 pens

#15 Ice Hurt

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