9 Months Off Skates: The Derby Pregnancy Blog

There's me and my trusty hands free breast pump set up. Nothing but class on the highway. 

There's me and my trusty hands free breast pump set up. Nothing but class on the highway. 

Reality of derby mom life

Okay, I know I promised some real talk about why I couldn't just jump back into derby life, but first we gotta talk about the real, unpretty truths of being a mom to an infant and trying to do derby. 

Derby is now a rushed thing that you gotta plan for a day in advance.  Will you be okay if you come home late, get woken up a ton overnight and still have to be functional in the morning?  Have you talked with your partner and made sure they didn't say something about needing to work late that night and you forgot because you're so tired you often forget things? Do you have the extra bottles in the fridge in case the baby wakes up and needs noms?

Speaking of those noms, they still are coming from my body. Which means that before practice, I gotta pump. What works best for me is to take my Medela Pump in Style (psst, Medela, I'm open to being your sponsored athlete of 2018) and pump in the car on the way to practice. Saves me a ton a of time, but makes for a very different ride to practice than before. Also, it is awkward when I'm giving rides to teammates or when someone stops to say hi to me before I go into the rink while I'm still getting unhooked from everything. 

There's also some practical changes that happened to what I wear to practice. I get dressed at home in my athletic pants, shoes, a panty liner (in case a big hit sends out a little pee), and a nursing tank. No bra, because i'm going to pump in the car and a sports bra would just get in the way. Once I get to the rink, I put on my sports bra under the nursing tank and slide in a pair of nursing pads. These help in case I leak or in case I am getting hit in the chest to avoid any scratching of my already sore breasts (yep, scratching happens-- just ask the skaters with nipple rings). 

And, because I'm a very anxious mom, I keep my phone with me during practice --- or give it to an off-skates coach --- so I can check my texts during practice or hear if my partner calls with an SOS. It has never happened, but I want to be ready if it does. 

Derby, for me, has always been a place I go and immerse myself 100%. Once you lace up, everything else falls away. It has to fall away -- derby takes 100% of your brain. You can't think about your job or what dinners you're going to cook that week or whether you paid the cable bill yet. But now, everything continues to remind me of how I've changed. My clothes, my body, my rituals -- it's all different than before. 

So next time, I'll actually talk about how I didn't jump feet first back into derby, despite my best intentions.

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