9 Months Off Skates: The Derby Pregnancy Blog

Photo by Susan B. Slamthony

Photo by Susan B. Slamthony

Unpacking the Gear

The time was upon me. My tiny human was now three months old. I had gone back to work and if I was ever going to go back to derby, this was the time. Knowing that there was a "rec league" practice happening nearby, it seemed like Kizmit. I needed to get that gear out and prepare myself for the practice. 

Unpacking my gear felt a lot like digging out my Christmas decorations. Beautiful items that I cherish and can't wait to see again. Would my boots still fit even though I'd gone up a shoe size? Would my jersey fit on my new body? Would my pads still have the same musty smell? 

The answer to all of it was yes. 

I unpacked it all, laying it out before me like a kid in a safety conscientious candy shop. Then I repacked it all in my bag and put the bag by the door, next to my travel breast pump and an extra set of breast pads. Here goes nothing. 

#96 Susan B. Slamthony