Outfit's 2018 Goals

A new year signifies a fresh start for a lot of us. We reflect back on the past and start setting resolutions for the upcoming year. The Outfit has been busy setting some goals for this upcoming season: 

"Play competitive roller derby and get back to D1."   

- Nikita #1978

"First, PENALTIES. I will keep my penalties under 20%, 1:5 jams. I will practice 3 things to keep them down. First, less cutting and forearm penalties by being conservative with my reentry, I will say "look" to remind myself to come in behind opposing players 100% of the time at scrimmage. Second, I will practice jamming with my arms at my side to find ways to use my body to get through during scrimmage 75%, 3:4 jams. Third, I will look out for opponents trying to intentionally try to take me out to the line and hit me by being extra cautious and centering myself during a hard jam at scrimmage 75%, 3:4 jams. ......more coming: for lead, O (communication, lining up on the track), wall tricks ( spinning the middle, square hips 1 &4, counterblocking), off skates (deep quick laterals), hockey stops on the line."

- Aimageddon #213

"Improve footwork, stops, agility, endurance." 

- Satanik Hispanik #999

"Fuckin hockey stops."

- Notorious RBG #02

"Hips. Lead with hips, follow with shoulders & hit with intention. None of that just bumping people around shit! I will write this all over myself, if necessary, as a reminder."

- Stryker Down #86

"[Taking Rapp Scallion's advice of] aiming beyond the target (like you aim past a board if you’re trying to break it in karate) has really been working for me. As well as lots and lots of visualization, hitting those pad thingies and trying to hit “up” instead of leading with my shoulders and hitting “down”. Lots of work to do but I think it will start to come together this season!" 

- Mary Hatchet #911

"Return strong as fuck after injury."

- Lonster Truck #8087

"Meld into the Outfit hivemind. Superduper teamwork."

- Agony Andy #708

"Stay low low low low low low — engage engage engage engage — stay calm."

- Sailor Doom

"Staying low, rocking horses, deeper crossovers, not being afraid to fall, and doing beast-mode off skates training."

- Em Aidy

"As a Pivot I want to help jammer more by being more aggressive to get our jammer thru. Taking star pass as needed and push thru those walls not tap around."

- Gram Crack Her #1217

"By June, I want to be rostered in a Shake bout and get 70% or greater lead average."

- Rocque Da Puss #313

" My goal is to be more aware of the pack when jamming. So my smart goal is: when “O” is being given, see it and attempt to take it 80% of the time (if not 100, lol). This will also require me to work on agility (to get there) and on bursts of power/endurance as a means to attain this goal."

- Ronnie Maims Dio #9

"1. I want to improve my speed!!!!! Doing some off-skates HIIT and just improving my endurance I assume will help that! 2. Not rely so much on my toe-stops! 3. Be more aware of what's going on around me. Look for the pivot and pass the star when needed. Pay attention to who's playing O."

- Bettie Slay #718

AND Nikita and Craze will continue to be obsessed with red beans & rice and each other.

Photo cred:  9 Muses Photo

Photo cred: 9 Muses Photo