World Cup Interview: Fox Force

Photo credit:  9 Muses Photo

Photo credit: 9 Muses Photo

The 2018 Roller Derby World Cup starts on February 1st in Manchester, UK and the Outfit is bursting at the seams with pride. FIVE of our own were selected for World Cup greatness. Unfortunately, one of those five, and her team, will be staying home this year. I interviewed Fox Force about what it was like to join team Puerto Rico and what happens next.

Susan B. Slamthony: You were going to be on team Puerto Rico but you live in Chicago. How is that possible?
Fox Force: I was accepted to be on Team Puerto Rico for the Roller Derby World Cup 2018 because even though I was born in the United States, my mother was born on the island. I heard about this opportunity and jumped on submitting footage of myself in play from bouts with the Chicago Outfit. Being a part of a World Cup team, in a place where you don’t live, meant making a commitment of traveling several times to get familiar with your new teammates before the games even began.

SBS: What was it like hearing that you made the team? Were you excited? Nervous?
FF: I was beyond excited and honored to do whatever I had to do to be part of this. Who really would mind going to a tropical island in the middle of the bitter Chicago winter, ya know?

SBS: Team Puerto Rico is no longer going to the World Cup. How did they come to that decision?
FF: I was ready to buy my first flight tickets when I heard about the projected path of hurricane Maria. I knew it was gonna be bad and then three weeks later- once internet connections were stabilized on the island, I heard the news. My new team was hit hard. They knew that it was best for them to focus on rebuilding their everything, rather than training for the World Cup at this time.

SBS: How was that for you to hear as a skater?
FF: I was devastated, but I understood that this was about being a team. And my teammates were going through hardships I couldn’t even wrap my head around. I respected their decision to recede and refocus their energy on their livelihood. Even though this closed the door for 2018, I am already training to be ready for the next World Cup in 2020.

Team Puerto Rico is part of the Outfit Family now and we keep them in our hearts as they rebuild.  
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