World Cup Interview: Julius Seizure

Photo credit:  9 Muses Photo

Photo credit: 9 Muses Photo


The 2018 Roller Derby World Cup starts on February 1st in Manchester, UK and the Outfit is bursting at the seams with pride. FIVE of our own have been selected for World Cup greatness. Skaters Mah Ko and Fox Force were selected for Team West Indies and Team Puerto Rico, respectively; Julius Seizure was selected as a referee, Kent the Politician will be announcing, and Outfit Extended Family member Strong Female Character will be heading up an NSO crew. While we count down the days until the first whistle, we're containing our excitment by talking more with the skaters and volunteers heading across the pond about what is drawing them to the World Cup. 

First up -- an interview with Julius Seizure! 

Susan B Slamthony:  How long you've been officiating

Julius Seizure: I am a couple months shy of 10 years.

SBS: Is this your first tournament outside the US?
JS: It is not. I've done something like 10 tournaments in Canada, one of those being the 2016 Men's Roller Derby World Cup. I have done 2 tournaments in Europe - Skate Odyssey in Ghent, Belgium in 2016 and this past September I went to Malmo, Sweden for the first WFTDA Playoff held outside of North America.

SBS: Why were you interested in officiating the World Cup?
JS: It is on a level much different than competitive WFTDA play. The pride with which people are play is much different. The women's World Cup is also the only derby event that I have aspired to work, but have not yet. 

SBS: What are you most excited about for the tournament? Most nervous?
JS: Excited to see a bunch of friends that aren't US based and to see the derby world all converging in one place. A bit nervous about doing well, but that is normal. A little bit of nerves going into an event is a good thing. 

SBS: How are you preparing for it?
JS: Getting in as much skating time as possible, which is difficult to do in the winter months. I have been able to do some scrimmaging with the Outfit and DuPage [Derby Dames]. Windy City's home team season has been very helpful for me to get some public games in over the past couple months. 

SBS: What do you *have* to have with you when you travel for derby?
JS: Besides the obvious gear and such...noise cancelling headphones, portable battery pack, comfortable hoodie, and a small inflatable pillow. 

SBS: What's the best part of being a WFTDA official? 
JS: I have met some of the greatest people via derby. While we frequently don't get to see a lot outside of the venue and it's immediate surroundings, I have been fortunate enough to travel all over the place through derby. 

Next week we'll be hearing more from Fox Force about her experience with Team Puerto Rico, and keep an eye on our Facebook page for an exclusive interview with Mah Ko. Congratulations to all the Family selected for the World Cup!

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