Video and Derby Marketing 101

Craze projecting video at our art show this past fall. Photo credit: Buenas Tardis

Craze projecting video at our art show this past fall. Photo credit: Buenas Tardis

Craze here! I’ve been the Chicago Outfit’s marketing videographer for about two seasons now.

I am extremely thankful that the league has given almost free reign to make whatever video that comes into my head. If you’ve ever seen our “Brain Snacks” series, you can see I push this freedom to the limits, even branching into very surreal and absurd territories. However, these videos, especially the stranger ones, generated the most traffic. The teammate who monitors Facebook noted that videos tend to get ten times the views of posts with just text or pictures. Video can be a daunting medium, since most people are working with few resources. However, I honestly believe that most leagues should utilize video more because it’s free traffic and can do everything from boosting bout attendance to promoting sponsorship to recapping events.

If you’re working with even just a phone, here are some simple ways to utilize videos on social media:

1. Take single video clips of drills, workouts, or things your league is doing. Action shots are engaging, and every derby enthusiast loves a good intense drill or action.

2. Take advantage of the many fun apps available to us, such as Snapchat filters on video or Boomerang. Many of these are unique and do not require extra work on your part.

3. If you have access to a camera and editing software, create a short series like our “Brain Snacks” series or one-off “Outfit tries…” series. These can generate returning viewers once each new episode is posted. Depending on the quality, other leagues may even share the video with their audience, like how Bay Area shared our “Brain Snacks” videos.

4. Have fun with it! If other people see derby as fun, they are more inclined to watch more videos or even come to bouts. It’s not inviting if all posts are simple “here’s the info” without any sense of humor. There is a place and time for those posts, but there definitely should be more variety.

5. Make it weird and personal. Every league is weird in their own way. Share your quirks. Flaunt it!

6. Keep it simple. It’s now common knowledge that attention spans on social media are very small. The longer your video is, the less likely people will sit down to watch it. Shoot for a minute or less, two minutes max.

I hope this helps! I know a lot of leagues, especially in small towns, are constantly low on funds and bout attendance. I highly recommend making videos a necessity whenever marketing for recruitment, bouts, or just letting people know that your league is a fun group of women.

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