9 Months Off Skates: The Derby Pregnancy Blog, Part 4

I used my preggy belly as a snack holder - don't worry, this was a can of lemonade.

I used my preggy belly as a snack holder - don't worry, this was a can of lemonade.

Becoming Inactive

When I confirmed my pregnancy with my doctor, she advised me to be very careful with my body moving forward. No more skating, whatsoever. No more running, since I had never trained as a serious runner. No more weight lifting. Swimming, walking, elliptical and stationary biking would be the exercises best for me.

It sounded like torture. I was used to spending about 8 hours a week on skates and another 2-6 off skates, running and lifting weights. These were exercises I had come to love. Swimming was an old friend but terribly boring and would require the purchase of several sizes of maternity suits...plus a membership to a gym with a pool. Elliptical and biking? Blegh.

So instead of doing research and talking to other people about what kind of exercises they did during their pregnancies....I stopped being active all together. Sure, I walked plenty during my commute and did a prenatal yoga video once in a while, but otherwise, I was a potato. 

Now, it doesn't help that during your first trimester, you tend to be tired all the darn time. Coming home from work at 6 and going to bed by 8 was my new jam and making time to put on my increasingly tight sports bra and head to the gym was unappealing.

So I fell out of all the habits that I had developed in my derby career. Exercising was no longer second nature.

I eventually switched from my "no fun, no squats" OB to a midwife who told me to sign up for CrossFit, but by that time the damage was done and I was set in my ways. 

Gentle readers, don't do what I did. Keep moving. Keep active. If your doctor tells you to do exercises you don't love, talk to other doctors or other pregnant chicks or the internet or whatever. Find things that you enjoy --skating, hiking, running, yoga, etc.--that keep you as active as you've been as a skater.

You may want to give yourself a little time, especially during those weeks of exhaustion at the beginning. Be kind to yourself and rest. But don't let weeks turn into months. Keep moving.

While my body became inactive, so did my derby relationships. More on that in my next post!

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