Bat Hit Crazy #8

“ *High Pitched Squeaking*

 Fishers, IN
Derby position: TBD

Who is The Outfit? 
The Outfit is like a colony of vampire bats! Vampire bats may seem intimidating to those who don’t know them, I mean they are pretty hardcore for eating only blood, but additionally they live in large female colonies and are known for being supportive of one another with family-like friendships. Also as far as practices go we are all most active at night like bats! Outfit and vampire bats are pretty much exactly the same, except vampire bats share food by regurgitating blood and we just pass the jar of cheeseballs.

Say you had a power animal…what personifies you? 
A bulldog bat, they can catch fish! Swooping around, honing in on other animal and taking it out. My goals in derby and the bat life are one. Also we both have big feet and toes that can grab stuff.

If you were a gangster, what would your calling card be?
A bat fact!

Random fact about you?
Did I mention I like bats?