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The Squirmin' Worm #108

"Squirmin on the track, wormin into class... late because I was at practice last night and overslept."

Hometown: Evanston, IL
Derby Position: Jammer, I think

How did you get into derby?
The most inspiring part of 7th grade was not becoming a bat mitzvah, but rather spying a derby poster at the bagel shop and begging the owner if I could take it home, then staring at that poster on my wall for months. In P.E. I resented pickle ball (what is that? i still don't know) and speed-walking laps, and scrawled cereal-themed derby names on notebook paper. After school I'd skate up and down the block in the rain, alone, till my skates broke and I forgot I was into the wheels. Last summer outta nowhere I remembered the forgotten dream!! Outfit bootcamps saved my college career, now The Squirmin Worm is here!

What's the story behind your derby name?
Worms are detritivores, they feed on and break down all the dead old organic muck of this world. Their poop is the best known natural fertilizer. Also I can't sit still and avoid (squirm 'round) that which is discomforting.

What's your "pump up" song?
"In the Morning" by Built to Spill

Random fact about you?
I love comix and streetskating!