Sneer and Loathing #43

“Skating in search of the American dream.”

 Munster, IN
Derby position: Blocker

Why The Outfit? 
Outfit is the most unique, passionate, and loving derby league there is. We treat each other like family - no one is afraid to be the total weirdo we all know we are. I can’t imagine feeling so at home with anyone other than Outfit.

Do you have a partner in crime?
Agony Andy is my beautiful, talented partner in crime. We’re a couple of track bully witches cackling at opponents and skatin’ for Satan, but we’re too riot grrrl for the institution of marriage.

What is your pre-bout ritual? 
Scrambling to find clean shorts or de-stinking equipment I haven’t washed in months. Let’s be honest, those pads are never going to get clean.