Pinkie Die #1929

"Break a Pinkie promise, I will break your face."

Hometown: Moseley, VA
Derby Position: Likely blocker, but we shall see!

How did you get into derby?
For years people invited me, but no one ever followed through and I had no idea what it was. Finally, a friend of mine took me to recruit night. Thunder City in DeLand, Florida, taught me the basics of derby (I could barely skate when I started). Three years of not skating later, I find myself in Chicago and a friend takes me to The Outfit tryouts- an actual tryout and somehow I passed! So here I am still learning and loving the game.

What's the story behind your derby name?
Pinkie Pie is hilarious. With my old team, I had a name, but I never really committed to it. One night we were all hanging out having some wine and somehow get on the topic of My Little Pony. I start saying while I am not a fan of the show, I am a huge fan of Pinkie Pie. She is random, annoying, and loves to party- her job IS TO PARTY. Everyone started giving me a hard time, someone mockingly said if I liked her so much why not marry her... I did the next best thing. My kindred spirit.

Why The Outfit?
I do not have an athletic background, and as previously stated am not a strong skater. I never felt super comfortable in sports like settings. The Outfit changed that. They are insanely supportive and a great group of people. I could not have wished for a better derby family!

What's your "pump up" song?
Haha. Anything from the 90s pretty much. N*Sync and the Backstreet Boys get me going; Jock Jams is so bad, it is good.

Random fact about you?
Half the time, even I have no idea what I am doing...