Mary Hatchet #911

“When Mary Hatchet gets on the track, the other team better dial 9-1, and then when she says so, dial 1 again”

 I am a citizen of the world.
Derby position: Blocker

How did you get into derby? 
As a kid, I would go to the roller rink pretty much every weekend. I stopped skating around high school. One night, I went to Fleetwood and saw the Outfit girls come in - it was love at first sight. I started with Derby Lite, but after a year I tried out, and made the team.

Why The Outfit? 
I went to Spaghetti Wrestling  and thought “these are a bunch of women I’d love to hang out with.”

Random fact about you? 
I was born with only 3 wisdom teeth and half an extra vertebra.