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Em Aidy #28

“Leave the gun, take the cannoli”

Joliet Area, Il
Position: Jammer

How did you get into derby?
Eh, y'know, all the cool kids were doin it.

Did you play other sports previously?
I played soccer for one season, in fourth grade. I then retired from sports until making my triumphant return now. So, Michael Jordan and I are basically the same person.

What's the story behind your derby name?
M is my first initial, 80 is my birth year, I'm kinda explosive, and puns are hilarious. Voilà, Em Aidy.

If you had a special attack move out on the track, what would it be?
"I'd bust out some dance moves, and then while everyone was distracted/stunned by my rhythmic artistry, I'd blast past them.*
*cannot dance to save my life. Don't tell anyone, though, k?

Why The Outfit?
I was skating with a different team, but I came to some Outfit bootcamps just for fun. It was like stumbling upon a hidden dimension, or discovering the Ramones. It just felt right, and I knew I had found my people.

What other derby players do you admire?
Bonnie Thunders, Miracle Whips, and allllll my teammates. For real.

Say you had a power animal…what personifies you?
The mighty housecat. I want to nap all day, and run around like three-year-old on a demon-possessed sugar high at night. I have kids, though, so it's just a dream. Someday... someday...

What's your "pump up" song?
At the moment, 'Passenger' by Iggy and the Stooges

You can be any character, superhero, or villain. Who are you, and why?
Jessica Jones! I already have the hair-do, and the appreciation of fine whiskey.

Random fact about you?
I'm actually a spy, planted here to gather data on fans of roller derby... you all are fascinating...