Dolly Party On #925

“Just like the girl next door, if you happen to live next to an amusement park”

 South suburbs
Derby position: Jammer mostly, I like to dabble in blocking

Why The Outfit? 
I always enjoyed playing against the Outfit with my old team, the energy was always amazing and the skaters were always awesome. I was really nervous to transfer, but wanted to push myself as a skater and see what I was capable of.

Do you have a partner in crime? Who are they? Who is you derby wife? 
My derby wife, partner in crime, no so hetero life mate is Kill Murray from Illiana Derby Dames. We have known each other since middle school and we’re always there to pep talk one another when it comes to derby and everything else life throws at you.

What is your pre-bout ritual?
Do my make up, for a ridiculous amount of time while listening to music that pumps me up. And drinking way too many energy drinks.