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Crys Cross #16

“Move in the direction of your dreams...even if it's just a little waddle.”

Hometown: Orlando, FL
Derby Position: Blocker or whatever's needed

Did you play other sports previously?
Nope, I'm pretty uncoordinated. I had to take a PE class in college so I chose tennis. Turns out I'm really bad at judging where the ball is going and getting my racket there at the same time. Luckily, there are no balls in derby :)

What's the story behind your derby name?
Half the people on my team never answered to their derby names so I wanted one that I'd actually answer to. I like to jump as well so it seemed fitting.

Why The Outfit?
I played with some of the Outfit at a scrimmage and loved it! I had so much fun and really liked all the girls I met. Everyone played well and meshed as a team. I was really nervous about transferring but I wanted to be challenged and continue to learn. It's been a great move! It's definitely challenging but I'm constantly learning and (hopefully) improving.

What other derby players do you admire?
There are many, but my favorite is Freight Train!