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Chi-Tara #12

“Don’t mess with my Chi”

Hometown: Long Beach, CA
Derby Position: Jammer

What's the story behind your derby name?
It is based off of a cartoon character that can move very fast. I love to skate fast. Also I love energy and it’s flow so I knocked two birds with one stone.

If you had a special attack move out on the track, what would it be?
The Apex Jump, Hawk mode on!

Why The Outfit?
I love the structure and the chemistry of our league. It is also the rink that I spent the most time in as a kiddo

What other derby players do you admire?
Satan’s Little Helper, and pretty much everyone that wears an Outfit Jersey past and present!

Say you had a power animal…what personifies you?
The Wolf happens to be my spirit animal.

What's your "pump up" song?
Voodoo People, by Prodigy

You can be any character, superhero, or villain. Who are you, and why?
Salene, from Underworld. Because she can unleash some badassery in all black leather!!!

Random fact about you?
My moon sign is Aquarius, lom