9 Months Offskates: The Derby Pregnancy Blog

4 collage
4 collage


I have been involved with derby for the past six years. I've been an NSO, a ref, a blocker, a pivot and for one game a jammer. I've been a coach, a board member and an enthusiastic fan. And this season, I'm becoming a mom.

I don't pretend to know everything about derby and procreating, but I wanted to share with the world advice from my own experience and the experiences of my friends. Maybe it will be useful to you other skater mom's, or maybe it will just remind many skaters why you want to just adopt dogs instead.

My story also comes in the context of my life - I am married to my future child's father. Both of us work full time, and intend to continue doing so after the little bug shows up. I was somewhere in the lower half of my charter before going on leave from my league. My pregnancy was planned, and has been low-risk so far.

This multi part blog series will explore what it's like to step away from the track and (hopefully) what it will be like when it's time to come back. I have friends who have left derby for changing diapers and come back, but I will be one of the first skaters in my current league to come back from "the 9 month injury" if I survive passing a small human through my body.

Hopefully you enjoy coming along with me for the ride.

#96 Susan B Slamthony

Photo Credits: Bernie LaFramboise, Steve Jurkovic Roller Derby Photography, and Dom Babao