Introducing #313 Rocque Da Pus


Joining the Outfit is another chapter in my life quest for adrenaline, social justice, and healthy ways to get out my aggression. I went to college to study law and fell in love with politics, philosophy, and literature. I decided being a lawyer wasn’t my passion but I had no idea what was, so I moved to Boston to complete an AmeriCorps program and then joined the Peace Corps for three years. This is where I found my second love - teaching. After moving back to the states, I taught in the suburbs and then started my current job in Chicago Public Schools at a high school in Little Village. I love animals, too - I foster cats and eat mostly vegan.

I always took part in sports, playing soccer, softball, football, x-country, and dodgeball. I've also coached high school x-country, sports fitness, and softball. The Champ introduced me to the Outfit after learning that I was a rusher in football and also in Derby Lite, and suggested that I go to the 2015 Outfit boot camp. At the camp, staying upright and moving in some meaningful manor was my real mission, and the challenge kept me coming back. Shortly after, I suffered an injury during football and was off skates until July. I returned to skates and after about six Derby Lite sessions, attended the 2016 boot camp. The Outfit coaches and skaters helped me make drastic improvements, and I fell in love with derby and this team.

Derby is a sport of incredible intensity, aggression, strategy, speed, and communication. It’s perfect for an adrenaline junkie like me without any unnecessary nastiness. Watching teams interact with each other during bouts is a welcome change. I want to play sports with laughter and loyalty to my own team, but with willingness to show kindness toward the opposing team as well. I see the Outfit skaters as strong, passionate, loyal, and inspirational women. Everyone inspires you to give your full effort, even if it leaves you sprawled out on the floor. They seem to know exactly how to make you feel proud about every accomplishment no matter how small. It is also a team with an aura of feminism, empathy, non-conformity, and social justice. In a world whose values often do not match my own, it is refreshing to be surrounded by like-minded companions.

I am grateful for every skater that took some time to help me with a skill and answer my random questions. A special thanks to Nikita, Ice, Dallas, Ronnie, Rowan, Craze, and everyone else who has said or done something along my path that was exceptionally inspirational or helped shape my vision of the team.

I want to end with a shout out to all the new skaters. Let’s never stop supporting and encouraging each other!


Image provided by Rocque Da Pus