Outfit Testimonials for 9 Muses Photo: "Hire Dennis!"

Dennis of 9 Muses Photo is a dedicated sponsor of the Outfit, providing his extraordinary photography services anywhere from headshots to photo booths to personal projects. He seems to have done it all for us. A few past and present members of the Outfit Family kindly shared some of their favorite moments working with 9 Muses Photo, expressing their heartfelt appreciation for Dennis and his hard work.  



"Roller derby is a sport that changes you. It helps you grow and gives you something to feel and something to be. It challenges your mind and body and gives you strength and confidence. And my headshot captures that - My journey with the sport and myself. 

Dennis (9 Muses Photo) is awesome. He’s been with the outfit for years and helped with every event he could! Photo booth at home games, fundraising events at bars, our own personal parties, merch and headshots! Not only is he professional, loyal, and dedicated, but he is skilled at his craft and holds the ability to capture those moments that become memories. As I look through my photos I find that a lot of the people I love and the milestones in my journey have been captured by him, like when my headshot became a giant cutout head at an Outfit home game. See, he’s the best! Thank you Dennis for everything you do!” -Pain Gwen



Princess Slaya

“Dennis is my favorite photographer. The headshots he has of me have made me feel really confident about letting my mom show others. I’m not the type of person who compliments themselves, in fact I’m pretty hard on myself. But these shots were pretty impressive. I also had a lot of fun taking the shots myself. Dennis is really nice and he not only brings his warm smile to the shoots, but he also brings great ideas on what the setting, the shots, etc. should be.

The shots of myself were amazing. They made me feel much more confidence since so many people complimented them!

Come on and hire Dennis and don’t take a blurry selfie…”

-Princess Slaya




Red Books

“When Dennis Sevilla sent out a general ask for people to pose with a favorite book, I jumped. I have a dozen favorite books. I have 'READ MORE' tattooed across my knuckles. I invent new excuses to share books with people, and I was excited to help somebody else with a book project. But he wanted more than just a favorite; Dennis wanted portraits of people with 'A Book That Changed My Life.' I sat and rehashed my autobiography in books, and settled firmly on a brash collection of venomous diatribes called Rants and Incendiary Tracts, the book that taught me reading could be revolutionary. And the next thing I knew, my book and I were speaking about such things at a fundraiser for literacy projects in and around Chicago, a joint venture between Literacy Works and Dennis's growing project. Since then, his project has grown, and I find every picture riveting. It's like peeking into the most important section of someone's personal bookshelf, and every picture and story continues to be different and gorgeous.

The portrait he captured of me is among my favorites, ever. I'm sitting in my classroom after teaching an Experimental Literature class about comic books, and there are stacks of favorite books on my desk, with Rants on top. Dennis captured my family's trademark smirk just right, too. I've used this picture in programs and on laminates when I speak at conferences; when anyone asks for a headshot -- something a teacher is pretty sure she'll never need -- it's my go-to. I have a headshot. No: I have an amazing headshot, thanks to Dennis. Thank you for letting me look as professional as I'm willing to look, and much cooler than I probably am in real life.” -Undead Miss Red



Lady K

“When thinking about 9 Muses photography, or more specifically Dennis. The first thing that comes to mind is what a wonderful friend to have.  Someone who inspires creativity, someone who is so helpful and wants to be a part of your photography project.  He inspires beauty with his book that changed your life photos; encouraging you to be yourself and captures your personality in his photographs.  Dennis is such a great guy that he has traveled across the city to my house, through bad weather, carrying all of his equipment so we can work on a project.  He fought through rush hour traffic in order to take my first family portrait.  He captured a rare occurrence with an extended family portrait the first time my father, brother and cousins attended a Chicago Outfit Game.   One of my favorite photographs was when he was able to capture the two versions of myself.  One in my military uniform and one without.  It shows the two polar sides that I have always felt, the struggle to maintain my identity while being member of the armed forces.  That is one photo of many that Dennis has taken for me.  I am thankful for him and for the photos he has taken for me.” -Lady K





“Dennis Sevilla at 9 Muses Photography is an outstanding photographer with a warm spirit and welcoming attitude. I’ve been fortunate enough to work with him through our roller derby team, The Chicago Outfit, for the past four years. His relaxed and laid back demeanor make it easy to enjoy what can be an anxiety riddled experience for some. He gets the best out of my teammates and myself and helps us feel comfortable expressing our powerful alter egos.

Because I love his approach so much, my mother and I excitedly accepted an opportunity to do a small lakefront shoot together. This experience meant the world to me, because my mum and I have a special relationship that transcends the traditional mother-daughter sense. She and I partnered for many years to care for my ailing father and then she came to live with me later in life, while undergoing a variety of surgeries of her own. Dennis was able to capture our goofy, chiding, intimate, and loving relationship so beautifully!

I unreservedly recommend 9 Muses for your photography needs. Your business and family memories will be captured by a true professional who makes every effort bring out the best in you!” - Scarlett Bruiser



"Dennis gets an A+++ in my book!! As a new skater with the Chicago Outfit, I was apprehensive when I was informed that we would be taking headshots.  Unfortunately, there are areas of my body that I don't love as much as others and those areas were going to be in the pictures; it obviously made me uneasy about the upcoming session.  When I told Dennis my concerns, he assured me they were not a problem and told me it was all in the way I posed my body.  He gave me a couple tips, told me when I was posed properly, and shot several pictures so that I would have plenty to choose from when finding the right one.  Dennis was very easy to work with.  Afterwards, he showed me what he had taken and asked if I was satisfied or if I wanted a few more.  I felt Dennis genuinely cared about how I felt the pictures looked.  As it turns out, he captured the images well and I didn't need any additional photos...I left feeling relieved and confident!

I appreciate Dennis' knowledge in knowing how to pose me, his patience, and his professionalism.  Dennis obviously knows his craft very well and was quick to put me at ease.  I would definitely recommend Dennis' photography services!! - Sandra Claws


We can’t seem to say it enough! Thank you so much Dennis for being such a valuable part of the Outfit, capturing all of our greatest moments and helping us continue to create so many fond memories!