Post-Bout Update - June 18th

Saturday June 18th was our third home bout and yet another exciting and fun night at the Fieldhouse. The Outfit Syndicate played the first bout against the Grand Raggidy Allstars from Grand Rapids, MI. The Syndicate took the lead from the beginning, with the halftime score at 109-61. Syndicate won, with a final score of 222-150. Outfit MVPs for the bout were Lola Blow (MVJ) and Hero Shima (MVB). In the second bout, the Outfit Shakedown played against the Grand Raggidy Assault. The Shakedown fought hard and played well. But Grand Raggidy won with a final score of 258-159. Shakedown MVPs were ChAos (MVJ) and L. On Wheels (MVB).

Our home closer will be on July 30th at the Windy City Fieldhouse. Tickets will be available soon so keep an eye out here or via our Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. -Bettie Slay