Beshemoth #667

Unleash the Beesh"

Hometown: New Lenox, IL
Derby Position: Pivot/blocker

How did you get into derby?
One day in 2010, my mother and I seen a flyer, at the local mall, for a team starting up. She was an artistic skater and loved derby growing up, so she encouraged me to go. She even came with me to a few practices!

Did you play other sports previously?
-6 yrs. of cheerleading
-1 yr. Gymnastics
-2 yrs. of softball
-1 yr. Martial arts
-8 yrs. of wrestling
-5 yrs. of track and field
-4 yrs. Swimming and diving

If you had a special attack move out on the track, what would it be?

Why the Outfit?
I came to this team knowing they were competitive, yet very close. When I got on this league, I had never felt more at home on any team. The amount of positivity and genuine care for others to get better around you really blew me away. It's rare to find a team like this. I feel lucky to be here 💛🖤💛

Say you had a power animal…what personifies you?
An owl and jaguar. The owl strikes silently, it's wings muffled so it's prey doesn't hear it coming. It represents wisdom and the journey for knowledge. In derby, or life in particular, I tend to strike when least expected. Always waiting for the right moment. I also am always on a learning journey. Never putting down science books, and taking horticulture classes. The jaguar represents ferocity and strength. While not the biggest large cat, it is known to be the most ferocious. It's been witnessed hunting caymens (south american alligators basically) right out of the water! While I maybe not the biggest player, I play with aggression, calculation, and power.

Random fact about you?
I'm an avid fossil collector!